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Yotech, Your IT  partner

Our analysis

Within companies, IT architecture and processes are often designed and implemented successively by different providers who do not communicate with each other.

It often results in :
- Missing or poorly designed interconnections: duplicate data entry, manual operations, information loss, loss of meaning.
- Complicated and slow processes: reactivity, productivity, and competitiveness can be significantly affected.
- Dependence on multiple service providers: slows down problem resolution, prevents process optimization, increases maintenance costs.

Nicolas TRUBERT, manager of the Yotech company

Our approach

The purpose of YoTech is to provide small and medium-sized enterprises with a comprehensive IT solution, from the creation of the website to the shipping and invoicing once the site is operational, with the aim of coherence allowing for streamlining, optimization, simplicity, and therefore competitiveness​.

We analyze all of your processes, identify all relevant and necessary features and connections. This allows us to select, configure, or develop all relevant systems, modules, and tools: you only pay for what you need.
We automate and reduce many tasks: you increase your margins.
We are your sole point of contact: you reduce maintenance and development costs and maximize the consistency and optimization of your system.
Our solutions adapt to your processes: Instead of adjusting your work method to an IT system, the acceptability of our solutions by your team is a permanent priority​.

A need, a solution

To meet the needs and offer the best solutions, we partner with various digital players.